This web-page is associated with a thesis that I presented on October 9th, 1998 for my Master of Science degree, at the Linköping Institute of Technology in Sweden. The title of the thesis is "An Implementation of the Spacetime Constraints Approach to the Synthesis of Realistic Motion", and this page is the home of said implementation.

The thesis is available as thesis.pdf or

The implementation, fondly known as NewT, is written in C++ and available here:

The code relies on the optimization package Omuses by Rüdiger Franke. Updated versions of this package can be found at SourceForge.

The output of this code consists of time-varying values for the position and joint angles of some animated figure. For an attractive animation, a skin-meshed model of some sort would be the way to go. For debugging purposes, however, the code does output a very bare-bones file on the RenderMan RIB format, which can easily be rendered into a movie:

Minor update: February 12th, 2014.
Par Winzell <>